You may have heard about it. The Law of Attraction is one of those topics that can be very cheesy and trivial or extremely deep, thought-provoking and revolutionary, depending on who writes or talks about it and the perspective it is viewed from. Just like any other topic, it has layers. Some people can only peel off the first one, other people go a bit deeper and then there is that one person who is able to talk to you about it and change your life. That’s what happened to me with my Coach. Then I continued on my journey, discovered other layers and nuances to the Law of Attraction and managed to help my clients use it to their advantage to achieve their goals.

So, what is the Law of Attraction? The basic concept of this Law is that…well, whether you know what it is or you don’t, it still has an impact on your life. Every day.
So isn’t it worth it to try to understand what it is, since it’s doing its job on you every day, anyway?

The main principle of the Law of Attraction is that you attract whatever it is you focus your energy on.
Most of the times, when I mention this concept to my clients or to the people who participate in my group meetings and conferences, this statement is received with a wall of skepticism.
What do you mean, we attract something? Things just happen to us and there’s nothing we can do about them”.

However, when I give them examples from everyday life, events they have seen a hundred times or outcomes they have experienced themselves, their response changes and I can feel the room fill with question marks instead of exclamation marks. And a room filled with question marks is always the best feeling for me, because it means I’m stirring things up, I’m moving mountains of certainty and complacency little by little.

Think about this.
You arrive at the mall on a Saturday, the parking lot is packed. You think you’re never going to find a parking space, you’re cursing everyone for being at the mall, you even think about going back. You start getting nervous, you are annoyed by everyone else. You keep driving around and suddenly the car that just came in the parking lot finds a free space before you do.
Same situation, opposite approach. The parking lot is packed, you stay calm, keep driving around, singing along with the song on the radio, you feel excited about going to the mall, you have a good laugh with your kids in the car. And at that very moment, someone right in front of you leaves and the parking space is yours. You were nervous and negative, you attracted negativity. You were optimistic and lighthearted, you found a spot. Don’t tell me it’s never happened to you.
Well, you probably didn’t know but you were making the Law of Attraction work for you. Or against you.

Have you ever noticed that if you are kind to people and start the day in good spirits, even what you feared would be a dreadful day turns into a day full of nice surprises and opportunities?
And have you ever noticed that when you are cranky and nervous you spill your coffee, you miss the bus and things at work go wrong in every possible way?
Have you ever noticed that the people we call “lucky” (“Everything always go her/his way!”) are the people who are more open, daring, motivated and positive?

Try to think of one of your typical days and the mood you were in when something happened…you’ll be surprised at how many times the Law of Attraction was ruling your day without you even noticing.