My book

POSITIVE ELIMINATION – 12 practical steps to get rid of what burdens you and keep what makes you thrive

Comes from more than 10 years of hands-on work, coaching people of all ages and backgrounds and helping them make progress. Positive Elimination stems from the awareness that true and genuine physical, mental and emotional well-being comes from travelling light.

Thanks to my studies in Neuro Training, Cognitive Reflex Conditioning, and Applied Kinesiology, and my business background, I was able to explore all the options that make effective change possible and come up with a step-by-step guide that will help you shape your future according to the unique person you are and prevent you from wasting precious resources focusing on what you don’t need.

At times counterintuitive and provocative, this book will shake your convictions and dare you to embrace the unexpected. It is also a manual, where you will have the chance to write down your notes and share them with me! Positive Elimination will enable you to learn how to focus your aim and expand your horizon, how to say no, how to eliminate words to truly communicate, how to disconnect from your past to truly embrace the future, and much more!

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